Improving quality of life, opening up future prospects

Billions of people worldwide are living under the minimum subsistence level. They need support with such basic things as education, work, health or energy. Businesses must play their part too by living up to their social responsibilities and showing commitment to sustainable development

ELG provides worldwide support - in the form of investments and donations - to social organizations and businesses that offer an effective solution to a social or environmental problem. This financial assistance really helps the organizations, but just as important are the transfer of knowledge and access to networks.

Objective-driven, efficient and transparent use of funds

Organizations admitted to the ELG Venture Philanthropy portfolio must undergo a detailed audit process and achieve jointly defined objectives. They need to have developed innovative and replicable models designed to make sustainable improvements to the quality of life of disadvantaged people. The use of proven investment, management and controlling processes is intended to ensure that the funds entrusted to the parties concerned are deployed in an objective-driven, efficient and transparent manner. This is the only way of achieving a sustainable positive impact for disadvantaged people.


ELG Bank Limited has grown from a small regional bank to an international private bank employing power people worldwide and our most important duty is still to manage our clients' assets diligently and rigorously.

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