Offering and services for financial intermediaries

For many years, has been looking after independent asset managers, investment fund companies, fiduciary agents and lawyers. You too can benefit from our comprehensive range of services and our customized solutions for financial intermediaries.

Individual solutions, personal advice, swift and efficient processing as well as a broad range of services have made a formidable and reliable partner for you and your clients. Place your trust in our stability, international experience and commitment.

We will help you to look after your clients in the best possible way.

Independent asset managers

For many years, has understood the requirements of independent asset managers, multi-family offices and investment fund companies. We are aware of your needs and offer you suitable services and customized solutions. Benefit from our excellent infrastructure, short decision-making channels and professional services. Our broad range of products and services for independent asset managers extends from interesting investment solutions, through securities trading and information services for professional investors to financing.

We have a global network, we thus provide our independent asset managers with access to all of the world's major stock markets and trading venues. You too can make use of these international, excellent and flexible investment opportunities.
In order to be able to offer your clients professional advice on financial matters, it is imperative that you keep up to date with the current market and economic situation. Our experienced and highly qualified experts analyze the global financial markets for you as well as a multitude of investment classes and instruments. Our professional publications on economic and market trends will help you make informed investment decisions.
Our many years on the market and our valuable international network allow us to provide our independent asset managers with access to the world's best investment managers. ELG's investment products include alternative and traditional investments, multi-asset solutions, equities, bonds and investment funds. In addition, we offer investors the opportunity to invest according the princely strategies, we have the right investment solutions for your clients.
Lombard loan or mortgage – our comprehensive and customizable financing solutions enable us to increase your financial flexibility. We grant investors a variable credit limit that they can use to purchase securities or for any other liquidity needs. Our seasoned international financing experts can draw up real estate financing solutions for you in selected countries.
Our comprehensive support for independent asset managers also includes classic banking services based around bank accounts, cards, bank notes, foreign currencies or precious metals. Our basic services cover all the essential services on attractive terms.